How Guest Driven Is Using DeepSquare Prints to Celebrate Success

May 14, 2013

It’s so important to recognize our accomplishments, especially as a startup company. Celebrating our accomplishments and milestones are the perfect reminder and motivator of why we do what we do. Milestones can be celebrated in various ways, like dinner with the team or a weekend outing.

Guest Driven decided to visually recognize its achievements with the use of DeepSquare Prints and create a mosaic of images of its international clients. We were delighted when Guest Driven CEO Anthony Zebrowski-Rubin pitched us the idea. We worked together to create this beautiful wall of images that continuously grows larger every month.

Do you have or know a company that would like to celebrate success visually with DeepSquare Prints?  We’d be happy to work together, so please feel free to get in touch.

image wall mosaic

photo mosaic

photo wall mosaic

mosaic wall photo

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